The writing is superb. The dialog between each character was well thought out, easy to understand, and sounded like it was coming from actual people. It seems like too many times these days, there are authors who think they know how people talk, but they end up making their characters sound like robots. Not this story! The authenticity is refreshing.– Kerrie,

A famous and wealthy lawyer is found murdered in his driveway by his wife Barbara, turning her entire life upside down. Barbara than discovers that her husband had lost their entire fortune. With nothing but her kids in tow, Barbara will have to learn how to survive for her children and move forward for her own sanity. She begins adapting to her new reality and adjusting her lifestyle and economics to match it. With the help of her best friend, Myriam, the support of her grown step-son, Alan, and the comfort from her new boss, Stacy, Barbara finds the inner strengths that had always been there. As she builds new relationships based on solid foundations, Barbara will have to decide what kind of woman she wants to be, while redefining the norms.

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