Walking down the long hall, she noticed the beige flowered carpet matching the wall paper. The side tables strategically place with a lamp on them and a mirror hanging from the wall. It was probably the same motif in every one of these hotels. She still couldn’t help but to look at herself in every single one. The numbers on the doors counted down the approach to her destination and she started slowing down. Her pulse was raising as she stood in front of the right one. Knock knock. In just a few seconds she heard the lock and the door opened. “Hey” he said smiling.

“Hey” she said.

He moved to the side immediately and lifted his arm

“Come in”

She smiled and walked forward holding on to the over-night bag. She rushed to the end of the room and placed it on the standard dresser. He had been following her, and as she turned, he grabbed her by the waist wrapping his arms around her. It took her a second before she realized what had just happened and to catch her breath. He was looking at her straight in the eyes. She lifted her hands and placed them on his face and leaned her forehead towards his. They just looked at each other holding their breath.

“Please… i cant take this” he said and touched her lips with his. Looking at her, he did it again. This time she held his face on hers and opened her mouth. Her tongue started caressing his lips, at first, until he got a hold of it. He pressed himself against her, making the dresser shake. Their mouths savoring every inch of their tongues.

He took one step to the side, picked her up and pushed her against the wall. Her mouth had been full of his tongue, her hands full of his hair. He grabbed her leg and held it at his hip. His tongue explored her neck and ear. He kissed her more and went back to her ear.

“Hey, we have a while…” She whispered

He stopped nibbling her ear and took a deep breath. He dropped her leg back on the floor and peeled away enough to look at her. And smiled

“I know” he said.

She could feel his chest rising and falling as she pushed him away.

“Have a sit. I brought wine” She said, pointing at a chair. He took a step backwards, and did as he was told. She went to her bag, and pulled out a bottle

“Is there ice?” She asked

“Yeah… Let me go get some” he answered.

He came back with two glasses with ice. She opened the bottle and poured, each taking a glass. He sat back down.

“What would you like to toast to?” She asked. He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer, with his free hand. He leaned forward and dropped his head on her stomach yielding any power he might had had. Not that he had any. His arm surrounding her legs, was going up, and now he was embracing her by the hips. She shifted and bent her knees until she was sitting on one of his legs. She lifted his face from his chin until their eyes met.

“Mi amor…” she said

He darted forward and their lips met. He did it again

“Call me that again…” he whispered.

She pushed him back and sat up straight. He held her down thought.

“Cheers” She whispered

“Cheers” he answered and their glasses clinked. They both drank their entire glass in one shot. She stood up grabbed his glass and put them on the dresser. He followed her up. In one quick motion, he removed the covers from the bed exposing the sheets, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed. Falling mostly on top of him, she began to tease him with her tongue as his hands moved up and down her thighs. She was spreading her legs to ride one of his. Their lips now fully connected with their tongues inseparable.
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