She stood on the sidewalk watching her kid walk in to school. The kid was taking her time, being that one of her friends was walking with her. Standing under a tree, with sunglasses as dark as she could find, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed his kid running towards hers. Taking a deep breath, Please go inside, she thought, wanting to get out of there before seeing him. The memories of the only night they shared where still hunting her, months after. She had even avoided him for most of the summer to no avail.

“Good morning” He said from behind her. Her heart stopped immediately at the sound of his voice. She swallowed, smiled and turned.

“Hey” She managed to get out.

“It’s been a while. What have you been up to?” He asked. His head tilted, creepy smile on him.

“The usual” she answered vaguely. The kids had gone inside. She exhaled, turned and started walking away. He followed.

“How’s everything else?” He continued down the standardized greeting questions.

“Everything else is still the same” She said, nodding not holding back the laugh.

“What are you doing here?” She asked. She was walking to her car parked at the end of the block.

“I took the day off” He answered.

“Good for you” She said. About two years earlier, he had also taken the day off. That time they spent the day siting on bench outside the school. The kids came out before they realized it. They reached her car and she beeped it opened.

“Big plans?” She asked

“Are you busy?” He asked, leaning back on her door, before she could open it. She laughed and shook her head

“Yes. I am.” She answered

“You’ve been avoiding me” He said, crossing his arms.

“You are correct.” She said.

“Meet me in the lobby in a half an hour” he said. Standing up straight.

“I can’t” She said.

“Try.” He said. He Leaned over, kiss her cheek and walked away.

She parked the car and walked inside. The sofas, the tables, the lamps and the desk where all still exactly as she remembered. She took one look around and saw him at the check in counter. She walked closer, taking her time. She wanted him to finish before she approached him. As soon as he stepped away from the desk, she revealed herself and he smiled. He grabbed her hand and they walked towards the hall, and turned at the corner for the elevators. They walked in at the ding-dong, and as the doors closed they couldn’t hold on any longer. She took a step back towards the mirrored wall, he leaned over her face, rubbing his lips against her cheeks, against the tip of her nose, around her lips. Her hands at his waist pulling him closer. She licked her lips, he grabbed her by the back of her neck with one hand, the other on her lower back pulling her closer. He tilted her head, parted his lips and buried his tongue in her mouth. With the same ding-dong, the elevator’s door opened.

He grabbed her hand and they rushed towards the same room. He handed the key for her to deal with as his kissed the back of her neck. After walking in, he pushed her against the wall to kiss her again. She welcomed it. With her hands on the back of his head, she guided his mouth to her neck, pressing her chest against him. His hands started lifting her dress, kneading her thighs and then her buttocks. She was wearing lacy boy shorts. He lifted her leg and she felt his erection. She moaned in his ear, before pushing him away. He snapped back to reality in shock. They were both out of of breath. She slid out of her sandals, walked to the bed and pulled the covers off. He was behind her when she turned, and she sat down crawling backwards as he kneeled on the bed chasing her. As they reached the head, she stopped, he crashed in her mouth. She untucked his shirt and pulled it off one arm at a time. After it was off, he pulled her by the legs, making her fall on her back. On his knees, he lifted her dress up, but left it on and started pulling her panties off, gently, she lifted her butt and laid back down.

“Relax” he said. He kissed her again, with one hand he separated her knees forcing them to fall on either side. His hand inching in on her inner thighs, she grabbed his face, and pushed it away from hers. She wanted to look at him as his fingers found their way to the folds of her labia.

“Your dripping” he said. She stuck her tongue in his mouth as two of his fingers went deeper in her. He grabbed the pillow and took one of her pelvic trusts as an opportunity to put it under her. Then he slid his fingers out. And leaned back kissing her pelvic bone.

“No. You’re gonna make me cum too fast” she begged, whispering. He sat up, smiled and laid her back down. He laid his forehead on hers and rested his lips on hers, his tongue barely in her mouth. She tickled it with hers. He opened his mouth wider to let her savor more of it, before his softened up to go for a long, deep kiss. Her arms embraced him, as the memory of this desire lifted up in a cloud of smoke. He broke the kiss to look down at her

“But I’ll make you cum again” he said, and before she could react his head was buried in between her legs, and his tongue had started licking the juices running on the sides of her opening. Her back arched, as he nibbled on her lips, with the occasional flick of her clit with his tongue. His thumb began exploring her opening. It slid right in, again and again and again. Her clit pulsating, he teased it with his breaths, he trapped it with his lips, he tortured it with his teeth. He finally couldn’t take it, and began to suck on it, rubbing all of his tongue on it. A few seconds, that’s all it took after that to make her scream in ecstasy.

He sat up, smiling, looked down at her, eyes still closed, out of breath, limp as a doll. He leaned down and kissed her inner tight making her jolt in surprise and over stimulation. She looked at him. He was still smiling. She took the pillow from under her. He got up and commenced to undo his belt and his jeans. She watched. When he was done, he grabbed her hand, pulled her up to her knees, lifted the dress over her head and undid her bra. Now they were both completely naked. He wrapped his arms around her waist, she was doing the same to his neck. They pressed closer together, looking straight at each other eyes.

“I miss you” he said

“I miss you” she said

They kissed. Fully and deeply. Soft and purposeful. Without letting go, he climbed back on the bed, leaning her backwards, until they were both laying down, side by side. She ran her fingers through his hair, he rubbed the length of her back with his finger tips. She rolled on top of him, felling his cock against her back. His hands began to go all the way to her ass. He spread her legs just enough for his dick to go in between them , but not inside her. Not yet. Their mouths hadn’t stopped during any of this, but now the rhythmic rocking of her hips were making it harder for them to focus. His hands had began to spread her cheeks, and the head of his cock was rubbing against her ass. She was about to sit up, but he held on to her. Instead he rolled her on her stomach and got on his knees behind her. She saw him, and instinctively got on all fours. He rubbed her pussy with his hands and fingered her for a second before she felt the head of his cock pushing in. He heard her moan, gave her a second and pushed again and again until he was all in. From her head all the way to her tail bone was curved, he leaned forward to put his hand on her throat and bite on her ear. She moaned louder. His strokes went in deeper. Her arms ached, but held steady as he pounded harder and harder. One of his hands moved to her mound, finding her engorged clit immediately, and place his open hand over it. They were both soaked in their juices. She pushed back with her ass, he felt her pussy starting to pulsate on his cock, before he felt her shaking. She was going to cum again. His own cock began to throb, as he sped up. He wanted more, but right now he wanted to cum with her. He stopped fighting it. She felt the shots deep in her, as his body shook is spasm. His loud grunt confirmed it.

Her head fell on the pillow with the weight of both of them on her. His dick, still in her, still swollen. The bed soaked in sweat, juices and cum. He rolled off of her. She laid on her stomach, and turned her head to look at him. Her breathing still labored. He opened his eyes at her, and moved a little closer so he could put his hand on her. She lifter her head, got closer and gently kissed him on the corner of his eye. He went for her mouth and pulled her closer, to the point were one of her legs was on top of him. She looked at him

“I want to feel as much of you, on as much of me for as long as I can” he said.

“I like that” She said. She laid her head on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of every second together slipping away.

She got up after a while, and walked to the bathroom. He heard the shower running, got up and stood by the door. He heard the curtain move. Twice. he opened the door while knocking.

“Can I come in?” He asked

“As long as you don’t make me cool the water down” She answered from inside shower.

He moved the curtain about a foot

“Promise” he said. Walking in. She was turned around, facing the wall, letting the hot water run down her back. He had to turn her. She looked up, he grabbed her chin and caressed her lips with his. She grabbed his sides and pulled him closer. His hands went from her shoulders to her arms to her hips and eventually her ass. He loved her ass. She broke the kiss, pushed him away and finished her shower with him watching. They got dressed in silence. No quips, no jokes, no stories. Just dread at the inevitable check out time. She stood in front of the mirror with the hair brush she kept in her purse. He stood behind her, forcing her to stop. She looked at him in mirror.

“Please don’t tell him” he whispered with eyes closed. She turned around

“I think… I’m certain, that he wouldn’t say a word to her” She tried to reassure him. He looked up, chuckled, and walked backwards until the bed were he sat smiling at her. He lifted his hand, calling out to her to which she responded. He looked at her hand, before looking up at her

“I’m scared that he’s going to take you away” He said. Her mouth opened at the revelation. He pulled her closer hiding his face in her tummy. She held him there.

“Please don’t do this again,” she said “I’m begging you.”

He looked at her and took a deep breath, stroking his beard

“You can’t disappear again.”

“It makes it harder when I see you”

“I need you in my life. I need to see you… I need to talk to you… I need you.”

4 thoughts on “Maybe this strangeness only ever was to hide ourselves from some kind of happiness 

  1. I love the mystery (and the pain) sitting in the background here. The sense that they’re consuming each other in this moment they have together, in order not to think about everything that sits outside it.

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