After covering himself, up to the waist, he leaned on his side, with his elbow as support. His head was resting on his hand. She looked over before closing her eyes. “I have a secret” he said

“We all have secrets” she said without opening her eyes

After he hadn’t responded for a while, she turned her head opening her eyes. He leaned over, brushed some strands of hair out of her face.

“I’m in love with you” he said

She took a deep breath, caressed the side of his face and took her hand from behind his head and brought him closer towards her, as she lifted her head to find his mouth with hers, almost like magnets. His hand on the other side of her stopped him from getting to distracted. He locked his elbow and pulled back from her. He still wanted a response.

“My amor.” She said. Reaching for his ear she whispered “that’s not a secret”. Pecked him on the cheek and laid back down. She had closed her eyes right before she felt the first tickle with both hands at her ribs. She jumped up in laughter and shock, not having any single way to stop him. He continued this for a few moments.

“Please! Enough! I beg you!” She pleaded between laughter and blocking his hands coming from all sides. He pinned her arms on top of her head, watching her calm down, he leaned down with their lips touching.

“I want to hear you said it” he said. “I already know…let me hear you say it…” He begged

“I love you” she said. His eyes found hers after a moment of silence

“does it hurt as much to hear it as it does to say it?” She finished

He leaned down, graced her collar bone with his lips and rolled off to lay next to her. She moved to lay her head on his shoulder. Immediately his arms were embracing her body. He kissed her head as she ran her fingers in his chest hair. Their legs interwinding. They were tired, but the adrenaline was still pumping.

“Thirsty?” He asked. She nodded. He kissed her before getting up to fetch water. While she drank, he poured more wine for both. He sat on the edge of the bed handing her the glass. She was sitting up and he pulled the edge of the blanket down. She looked at him, welcoming the intentions

“I didn’t get a chance… before” he said as he kneaded her nipple between his fingers. He leaned on his elbow so his mouth was at the right level for him to taste said nipple. She watched in delight, her hands reaching for the back of his head. Not that he needed any direction, she just enjoyed having as much of him as possible. He switched, but before, he laid between her legs. The heat radiating from inside her mound was all he needed for all the blood in him to rush to his cock. He looked up at her and smiled, her lips where parted, he tasted her tongue again. He laid back on his side, his cock fully erect again.

“Drink the rest of your wine” he said grabbing her with one hand. She looked over at him, alternating between his eyes and the dick in his other hand. She did as she was told.

“Come here.” He said, pulling her closer. She kissed him deep and long while arranging herself on top of him, grabbing his cock. Then she slid down. All the way down until her head was even with his crotch. She gripped the base of his cock firmly in her curled fist, whilst licking the head, tasting every inch, focusing at the rim of the head, pressing harder with her lips. They were tingling from the pressure. Every time she loosened her hold, her breath made him jerk. His eyes where burning a whole in her. She straddled one of his legs, her tits now rubbing on his thigh, her juices running down his leg. Her other hand began going up and down with her mouth, but his dick still made her choke mid stroke. There was no way she would be able to swallow all of it. But she kept trying, with the help of both her hands. His legs spread, as he reached for the back of her head to collect all her hair and keep it out of the way. And to pull back and forth as he saw fit. Finally, he pulled her all the way up, lunged towards her mouth with his mouth, rolling her on her back. He widened the opening of her legs and found the right spot for him. From her lower back, he lifted her and placed a pillow under her head. Meanwhile all she wanted was more of his tongue. Then she felt the first trust. She held her breath. The second. She was leaning on her elbows, speechless, when the third trust came deep and hard enough to knock her of balance. He watch her back arch in pleasure every time he plunged in, before he fell on top of her, he grabbed her knees and pulled them up and to her sides. She moaned louder. He held her hands on top of her head with one hand. The other hand was crawling its way between her butt cheeks looking for and finding her whole. She bit his lip. He stopped and pulled out. She let go of his lip. He inserted two fingers in her cunt, and rubbed the walls, before putting his cock back in. The trusts got faster. His, now, wet fingers rubbed her asshole.

“Ask me nicely” he said smiling down at her

“Don’t” she said. He pinned her arms tighter

“That’s not nicely” he said. He stopped fucking her. Instead inserting one finger just an inch in. She groaned.

“Please” she said still groaning. He started again with his cock, but only as his finger went in deeper. As he got faster, he’s finger got even deeper. She got wetter. He let go of her hands and with that hand he spread her cheeks to give him enough room for his second finger. Making her pussy spasm. He could feel her heart beat in his fingers.Holding on to the sheets, she screamed with her eyes closed as the double penetration drove waves of pleasure into her.

“That’s what I thought.” he said before releasing the load he had somehow managed to hold until now.


He opened his eyes, in the darkness he could still smell her in the air. He looked up at the side table alarm clock. He looked at the floor. The panties and the lace top weren’t on the floor. He turned to find the emptiness on the other side of the bed, making him snap his head around. She was sitting on the chair putting on her boots. Her hair dripping on the carpet. The only light in the room was coming from the bathroom door being open. She looked up and winked at him.

“…Come back to bed…” he said

“I have to go” She said. She walked to the dresser, grabbed the towel to continue drying her hair.

“It’s the middle of the night” he said propping himself up with a pillow.

“I have to be back before the kid wakes up” she said looking at him from the mirror on the wall.

“Was that one of his conditions for you to be here?” He asked, sarcasm all over his face. She drop her hands, her small smile dissipated and her eyes squinted. Then he sat up straight at the look he got from the mirror.

“It was easier to just lie to her, wasn’t?” She asked. Grabbing her bag she turned and walked to the bathroom. Within a few minutes, he was standing by the door. Watching her with his head tilted. Still naked. He had never been shy. He walked over to her, after she was still ignoring him, place his hands on the sink counter, leaned over and smelled her neck, from behind not actually touching her. She turned around.

“I don’t want the kid waking up wondering where her mama is” She explained.

“I’m just not as brave as you” he confessed in her ear, their cheeks touching.

He was pressing against her again. His hands now holding hers, his eyes found hers, she reached up and kissed him. He kissed her back, but after a minute he stopped. Brought her hands to his mouth and kissed both of them

“Remember our deal?” He asked

“The one were this is a one time thing, the one were we will never ever mention it again, the one were neither of us gets to ask for more? Yeah. I remember.” She answered

“If you wanted to revisit it, I would be ok that” He said, hopeful. She caressed his lips like a feather.

“When can I see you again?” He asked on her mouth.

“You’ll see me this week.” She quipped with a small chuckle. He added some space between them to look at her.

“Here. When can I see you again here?” He asked again. This time looking for a real answer

She exhaled looking down. “I can’t.” She said shaking her head and looked up at him “I made promises.” She finished.

He closed his eyes and slumped over her. They kissed again.

Not The End

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