She began unbuttoning his shirt and felt his legs shifting underneath her. He was taking his shoes off. She began to pull his shirt back, and needed him to sit up just a bit, which gave him the excuse to lift her up and trow her on her back. Standing up, he took his shirt off and proceeded to take her boots and her socks off. He looked at her, laying there fully dressed. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up to her knees. He grabbed the bottom edge of her lace top with two fingers as to not be to tough and pulled it up. Taking more than enough time needed. He tossed it to the side and leaned forward, caressing her arms up and down, breathing in her scent, rubbing his lips against her neck. “Take your pants off” he said in her ear.

She let go of his neck, which she had been hugging and laid back down, undid her belt and her jeans, just as he was doing. Before her pants were completely off he was already naked and put his hand on the bed and was about to lay on her, but she wasn’t having it. She wiggled her self from under him and made him laid on his back for her to straddle him. He got the message. She held his hands on top of his head while she kissed his neck and took his earlobe between her teeth. But he was bigger and stronger and a minute into this, he sat up, siting her up with him. His hands weren’t as bound as she had hoped, and were easily freed from her grip. Now she could only hold on to his neck while he undid her bra and pulled it off her arms. Their mouths had found each other once more and as soon as the bra was off, his hands went for her tits, small in his hands. Her fingers ran through his hair. He pushed his pelvis up as she grabbed his bottom lip between hers. She forced her body against his to push him back down. Her hips began to sway on his lap, feeling every inch of his now full erection. 

Her lips parted and her tongue began to dart in an out as he tried to catch it with no luck. He grabbed her head to stop her. He went for a deep soft kiss. She fell into it like a spell only broken when she felt him taking her panties off. She stopped in her tracks and picked up her hips to help him. 

His hard cock was almost standing when she began grinding on it, now, naked. Not letting him go in, and yet letting him feel every part of her. The heat of her cunt was consuming him, and he could feel her moisture dripping down her leg. His hands on her ass, every time he tried to enter her, she darted away. All the while not loosing his eye sight

“Enough…please” he said.

She smiled and stopped the slow grind that had made her breathless. He grabbed the head of his now painfully erect cock and guided it to her opening. She felt it at her edge, and started coming down on it. The girth had been more than she expected. She needed a little more time to adjust and made him stop.

He was brought back to reality immediately at this, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a small smile on the corner of his eyes.

“Take your time” he whispered. 

She grabbed his hands from her back and spread them on either side of him. She pressed down on his wrists lifting herself and slid the rest of his length in her. Now free he grabbed her hips digging on her skin. Her pelvis began to rock back and forth. Her hands were on his abdomen. She still couldn’t take all of him and under his sly smile, he understood. Every time she rocked back, she would take a little bit more in, straightening her self little by little bit, up until she no longer needed the support of her upper body. His eyes had never left hers, even as her head fell backwards. When her eyes closed, he sat up and stopped her hips mid stroke. She opened her eyes straight at him.
“Hey, we have a while…” he said

She leaned forward licking her lips as his hands went up her back. His lips parted, he held her closer, laying his cheek on her chest. He was grasping the back of her head, needing something to hold on to. He looked up, she wasn’t even moving but just tightening her pelvic flor muscles. He pulled her hair slightly, still holding her gaze

“Stop that” He said

She obliged. She was out of breath but thrusted her tongue in his mouth within seconds. She pulled back out and started flicking his lips . She pulled his head back by his hair, licked the tip of his tongue that was hanging out, but he bounce back and buried his face in her tits. He held her tighter while he chose the right one to play his favorite first. He licked the nipple, then he enclosed it in his mouth, rolling his tongue on it, savoring it. 

She started rocking again. He moaned. Her skin reacted to every touch. Sweat dripped down her back as her climax was about to reach its peak. Her screams were only accentuated by the tight bite he had her nipple in. Then she felt his first shot, deep in her as he let go of her nipple just to grunt and hold her tighter. He trusted deeper in her making her scream again and again. Until both of them had stopped spasmodically shaking. He fell backwards, bringing her down with him. 

“Wait. Please don’t move” he pleaded. His grip on her was tight enough, that even if she had wanted to move, it wasn’t her call. She smiled down at hm. Her breathing was still labored. She let her head drop on his shoulder. A moment later, his grip loosened. She rolled over, laying on her back, she grabbed the edge of the top sheets to lay under. He followed suit. 

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