During the writing of this book, my editor asked me where I was getting the homesteading information that appears in the book, since she was having a hard time finding and confirming some of the methods used by the beekeepers and farmers. Well, all the information about homesteading, beekeeping and overall farming comes directly from experience! We have a small homestead and all the DIY information in this book, and all my books, is accurate and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them!

In Sweet Company: A young entrepreneur has her life flipped upside down when she loses her business and her fiancé. 

Business wunderkind, Abigail, has her life planned and organized. Abigail has a thriving business, a loving family and a supporting fiancé. But when her business takes a series of blows, Abigail must make some life changing decisions that her fiancé, John, can’t go along with. Wanting a new life, Abigail decides to move out West to start again. But learning how to live off the land it’s not an easy task. With the help of some new friends and her landlord, Evan, Abigail learns how to follow her heart. 

🐝🐝  “Have you ever seen a shovel in real life? I know you’ve never actually held one, but I’m curious, have you ever seen one?” Walter asked. Abigail smiled, not really surprised at the response.

“It’s not like you to not support my ideas,” Abigail said. 

“It’s very much like me to support your good ideas. Have I ever encouraged the crazy ones?” Walter asked. Abigail looked at her father, her smile fading and the sadness in her eyes began showing through. 

“I can’t start again, Dad. I need fresh air and something else. At least for a while,” Abigail confided in her father as both their expressions grew darker. 

“I see,” he said. Walter saw the weight on his baby’s shoulders and even though he wanted to take every ounce of it, he couldn’t. At this point Walter could only listen and support the woman sitting in front of him. “So, you have thought about this? I was afraid that you were just trying to be funny,” Walter said. 🐝🐝

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