For the past four or five weeks, it seems that everyone I know has been sick. 2kicks had a horrible cough at the beginning of April that lingered. I kept her from school a few days and she did get better, but she still had the cough. In the mean time, I learned that a lot of the kids in her school had the same cough. I figured that this happens all the time so I addressed 2kicks sickness with stride.

Then the cousins came to visit and she spent three days hanging by the hotel pool until she was shivering. Because that’s what five year olds are like. After they left, 2kicks got to rest one day. The next day she was going camping with the husband for the weekend at the Disney World camping grounds, which gave them access to the water park, where she spent all day Saturday. They got back Sunday afternoon, and the next day I had to take 2kicks to the doctor with a fever that had spiked over night. Fun stuff…

At the clinic, the doctor listened to her chest, and gave her a clinical diagnosis of Pneumonia. He prescribed antibiotics and sent us home. Let me say this, I tried the medicine and it was just awful! It was so nasty that I knew 2kicks wouldn’t take it, so I mixed it with honey. At least this way she doesn’t gag everything time she takes it. The doctor also told me to keep her at home for as long as I could with a two day minimum. I told him that that was not a problem since I’m a stay at home mom.

We didn’t leave the house for a week.

The first three days, we stayed in bed watching Sesame Street, had soup and hot cocoa. She began feeling much better, but I still didn’t want to take her anywhere. Because most types of pneumonia are bacterial or viral it can be contagious and I didn’t want to keep spreading it. Also, with her immune system already battling an infection, I didn’t want to risk her getting something else.

Honestly, we had a great time! We played, did crafts, cooked, played outside, and the husband made sure we didn’t have to go anywhere. Neither of us went crazy from being at home, we didn’t get in each other’s nerve, and the few times when I asked her if she wanted to go and do something, she always answered with I think I’m still a little bit sick.

The thing is that I am a home-body. I like being home, doing stuff at home, hosting at home, fixing my home and my home is very relaxing. Going outside doesn’t give me anxiety (interacting with Trump supporters do). I don’t get panic attacks when I’m out and about or when I’m too far away from my home. These two things are the main indicators that a person might suffer from Agoraphobia, but I don’t have either one. What I do have is beautiful backyard, a tree house for the kid to play at, chickens to amuse me, a dog that likes to lay on my lap, a kitchen full of cooking gadgets (thanks Beba!), a crafting area, and a kid who might be just like me…as far as leaving the house goes!

What I have is a home that has proven, over and over again, how comfortable it really is!

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