A few months ago, the husband and I were having a conversation about the holidays and what our plans where going to be. The kid was playing in her room but since our house is pretty small, she could hear the entire interaction. I didn’t realized how much attention she was paying when I said,

“Well, it’s probably going to be just the three of us for thanksgiving, and that’s ok,” and didn’t think about it again until my mother in law was visiting last month.

2kicks and I went to the airport to pick her up and on the way home, Beba asked what were we doing for Thanksgiving. And in the saddest voice a four year old can mustard, 2kicks replied,

“It’s probably just going to be the three of us, for Thanksgiving,”

It broke our hearts.

So now I needed to figure out something to do for Thanksgiving. My friend the Writer was going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, so that was out of the question, and most of my mom friends had plans for the holidays. I very well couldn’t just invite myself to others’ festivities. My mother in law, with all her infinite wisdom, suggested we had a Friendsgiving the Saturday before actual Thanksgiving.

So that’s what we did. We invited some of our neighbors and 2kicks besties to come over for a Vegan Friendsgiving potluck out in the back yard. I planned to make vegan-balls and spaghetti (just like the pilgrims) with gluten free noddles (that Beba would have not appreciated), some carrot French Fries and other stuff. Since there were going to be several kids, we set up a kiddie table, a make your turkey hat crafting station, old school Nintendo, and some weird Velcro vest and soft balls game that we got at IKEA a while back. At one point, the husband let one of the chickens out so the kids could chase her back in. The kids loved that game, but the Writer had to look the other way…

Every one came with loads of food! The writer made several vegan nut cheeses that were amazing, my newest of mom friends brought dosas! Handmade vegan dosas! I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t had dosas since we lived in NYC and that was the only dish that we ran out of. Even OMR managed to sneak a quick stop at the tail end of the shingding, but just for a minute because the Hot One and Curly Cute where in bed fighting some awful viruses.

We used paper plates and cutlery, we drank cheap wine, the kids played and the grownups had a great time. I said it that night, and I’ll say it again,

thank you for not letting it be just the three of us!

As we were cleaning the back porch and setting up the tables and chairs, this happened:

For the record, we kept it until all the kids got a chance to see it, and then we released it back to be free and in the wild!

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