For some strange reason, I agreed to (try really, really hard to) write a post every day in May. For today I’m supposed to write about my top five favorite blogs that I read on a regular basis.

  1. Captain Awkward: An advise type blog, that answers what I’m assuming real questions. And she gives people a ‘script’ to use in awkward conversations.
  2. Very Smart Brothas: Social commentary style blog by very smart people.
  3. Celebitchy. Celebrity and Royal Gossip. Judge away, Judgy Mac-Judgersons!!
  4. Coffee & Kink. Informational and advise on relationships. Adult Blog. NSFW.
  5. Pinks Beautiful Blues. This is a blog about a woman experiencing some serious life changing obstacles in her life. I find it both well written and interesting. I want to learn the motivations for their actions.

That’s it.


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